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Flavouring Control System


The Swift Flavour of Free Pascal might increase the responsiveness of some Free Pascal built applications.

In order to apply(install) The Swift Flavour for Free Pascal, the following steps are recommended:

1) Check that you have a sane working environment by recompiling Free Pascal clean.

2) Download the archive containing the flavouring file from here and the archive containing the latest F.C.S. console clients from here. Extract the content of the two archives in a temporary directory.

3) Apply(Install) the flavour by executing:
fcsconsole fpc_swift.fcs APPLY 'MACRO{MACRO_FPC_DIRECTORY}=fpc_directory'
where "fpc_directory", directory that contains source files, looks like "c:\freepascal\" or "/home/user/fpc/"
"./fcsconsole_linux_x86_64 fpc_swift.fcs APPLY 'MACRO{MACRO_FPC_DIRECTORY}=/home/user/fpc/" is an example for a linux user.

4) Rebuild Free Pascal to make sure everything appears to be fine.

5) Rebuild all your programs using the flavoured Free Pascal.


If things appear to be slower make sure you've not rebuilt using a lower optimizations level. For example, your original executable file was built with level 3 optimizations, you modify the source files through flavouring and you rebuild with level 1 optimizations.

The flavour can be removed(uninstalled) by executing: fcsconsole fpc_swift.fcs REVERSE 'MACRO{MACRO_FPC_DIRECTORY}=fpc_directory'

Additional informations can be obtained by executing:
fcsconsole fpc_swift.fcs showuserinfo

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